Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kala Noumenia!

Xairete All,

So tonight is in honor of Hekate's Deipnon so I thought I'd post a little something about the ritual I did this evening.

I started by saying a prayer to Hestia and preparing a feast for Hekate and the Ancestors. I also prepared 4 taper candles for offerings. One of which was to be used for purification of the home. This candle was placed inside of a ceramic bowl filled with the last of the prepared khernips from the month. I offered the ancestors and Hekate a meal, asking that They clear away all of the stale energies in the house so that the new month will be open and free for new experiences and energies. Afterward I took the candle in the ceramic dish and brought it through the home visualizing the negative and stale energies in the house being pulled through the candle and into the khernips. I left the candle and water in the living room until it burned out and poured it out at a crossroads.

After this main part of the ritual I gave Hekate a can of soup to be donated to a homeless shelter and changed the water in the ancestors' dish, cleared away old offerings and sat in meditation before the shrine for a few minutes.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the new month and my hope is to spend some time at my main shrine tomorrow cleaning it a bit. I have a candle dedicated to Apollon Noumenios which I'll light and bring through the home asking for Apollon's blessing. I think I'll offer something special for a drink other than my usual water...probably something like peppermint tea.

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