Friday, August 27, 2010

A Prayer

Oh Holy Apollon, who makes all things pure,
Apollon, bringer of light, healer and seer:
Bring healing to those who need healing,
Bring music to soothe the souls who need soothing,
Bring light over those who are blinded by darkness.

Great Zeus, God of the Rain and the Storms,
King of the Gods, Just and Righteous One,
Bring peace to lands in war
Bring balance to those in chaos
Inspire great leaders to be good and just.

Mighty Pan, God of Forest and Field,
God of Life, God of Animals, God of Hunters and Hunted,
Bless those who need to live freely
Keep safe and nurture those who need nurturing,
Reveal pathways to the inner self and inner knowledge.

Most Holy Patrons,
Gods of the Temple,
May it be thus.
Accept these written words
And look fondly on us.

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