Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Things Started

Xairete (Rejoice)!

So I started this blog to go alongside with the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus and Pan website as I continued to do work with it. I'm going to post whenever I am able at first just to see if this gets going and if people follow it. May Hestia be honored with the first post on this blog and may the Muses and Apollon bless my hands as they type so that what I say is clear and eloquent!

So here goes!

Today I worked on a draft of a calendar which I'll post as a .pdf file to the web page every couple of months. The calendar will include all of the celebrations and events going on in the temple space as well as any outreach programs the temple does. I also borrowed an idea from the Temple of Hekate's Torch and other temples which include the Gods for each day of the month which are being honored with libations.  The daily deities were determined by the original days the Athenians honored the Gods (the Noumenia on the new moon for everyone; second for the Agathos Daimon, the third for Athena, the Fourth for Hermes and Aphrodite, etc) and then filled in the gaps with whatever seemed to make sense to me intuitively. I guess my main purpose for this was to build the space into less of a "once a week" worship space and make it to be used daily. I'm going to roll with it though...we'll see what happens.

At any rate, many of the libations will follow the same pattern I use during my daily devotions based on the different groups I belong to. Kyklos Apollon runs a ritual every Sunday so I'll do a libation for Apollon; Thiasos Zeus (although quiet as of late) at one point had a libation for Zeus on Thursdays, and Temenos Pan has a libation on Saturdays which I've been trying to observe as much as I can.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking on the Basics of Hellenismos class that seems to ever be going through various incarnations...I'm really enjoying teaching it in person this time. I feel like I've been able to pass along more information than I was able to before...and take some liberties as needed.

So anyway, I hope that everyone likes the new blog!

Hiereus Timotheos

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