Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mini-Ritual to Zeus


I thought I'd post the little mini ritual I'm doing tonight for Zeus to acknowledge the Thiasos Zeus weekly libation.

The altar is adorned with Zeus' libation bowl, incense burner and offering dish as well as a candle and oil diffuser for Hestia. Barley and khernips (pure water) are close by the ritual space. The music played in the space is set to thunderstorms. Offerings include amber incense and water.

1. Procession to the ritual space.
2. Washing of hands in khernips
3. Lighting Hestia's fire and bringing it to the altar:
Holy Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, Home and Family
Bless the altar with Your sacred fire.
Receive this offering of a candle in my thanks.
4. The candles on the altar are lit, and the worshiper takes a handful of the barley. With hands held out, palms facing up, speak the following or similar prayer:
Great and Mighty Zeus,
God of the Heavens and King of the Gods,
Great Leader who is wise and just,
Gatherer of clouds who descends to
Gaia's green earth below in the shining bolt
And the clap of the thunder:
I thank You, Oh Zeus for Your gift of rain.
May You receive this incense and water with pleasure
And grant many blessings to Your worshipers. 
5. The barley is sprinkled upon the altar. The incense is lit and placed in the incense burner after being wafted over Hestia and Zeus' statues. A libation of water is poured into the oil diffuser with some sage oil as well as into Zeus' libation bowl. This is a time for meditation and more prayers or any magic to be performed if someone is so inclined.
6. After the incense has gone out, the candle is extinguished with a thank you prayer to Zeus and Hestia. A final libation is poured into Hestia's offering bowl.

I just thought I'd share that with everyone. 


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