Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hekate's Deipnon August 2010


This evening I will be performing the ritual for Hekate's Deipnon which honors Hekate and the Dead at the end of the lunar month. Tomorrow begins the official month of Therapeion for HTAZP and I'll be doing a ritual for that as well. I thought I'd post the prayer I'm going to use in the ritual for Her and my ancestors so that if anyone wanted to use it in their rites they could.

Holy Goddess Hekate,
Goddess of Doorways, Paths and Crossroads,
Triple Goddess who sees in all directions,
Psychopomp who guides souls and spirits:
Great Goddess, take away from this space (house)
All that is profane and impure.
May You and my Ancestors take it deep into
The underworld where it can be changed
Into something positive and loving
To be born anew as the new month begins.
Gracious and Powerful Goddess
I offer You this canned good
Which will be given to those in need
As it is Your suppers which feed
Those who wander lost and alone
In the world around us. 
Sacred Goddess,
Loving Ancestors,
Accept and delight in this offering,
And let my home be purified,
Ready for Hestia's fires to be 
Lit as the Noumenia arrives.

  I usually offer a canned good during this ritual as the prayer statues. It's my way of continuing the ancient tradition of Hekate's supper. The ancients left plates of food for Her at the crossroads which the homeless would take away and eat. Thus I see Hekate as a Goddess of those who protects the homeless. I also brought white flowers which I plan to offer to both Her and the dead this evening as well as offering some to the Gods of Noumenia (new moon) tomorrow.

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